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UCO Bank Apprentice Salary and Recruitment Process Update 2024

UCO Bank Apprentice Salary and Recruitment Process: UCO Bank is now offering a great chance for those wanting a banking career. They have 544 vacancies for a one-year apprenticeship program under the Apprentice Act 1961.

UCO Bank, a leading government-owned bank in India, is providing apprenticeships to boost your skills. You can find all the details about the recruitment and salary on their website. Make sure to look at the official ad number HO/HRM/RECR/2024-25/COM-19 before applying.

Are you a new graduate or an experienced professional looking for a government job? The UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024 could be your chance. Keep an eye out for updates on the application process, salary, and who can apply. This could be a great opportunity for you.

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    UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024

    The UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024 is a great chance for those wanting a banking career. It's about bringing in apprentices who will learn by doing and help the bank work better.

    Recruitment Highlights

    One big thing about the UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024 is the limited application scope. Candidates can only apply for an apprenticeship in one state. It's important to check the eligibility criteria before applying to avoid mistakes. If you're interested, check out the official website to apply.

    Important Dates

    The UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024 was announced on July 2nd, 2024. The online application opened on the same day. Candidates must apply by July 16th, 2024, when the application window closes. Remember these dates if you want to start a promising banking career.

    The selection process will look at your skills and education. Preparing for the uco bank apprentice previous year question paper can help you do well in the uco bank apprentice selection process.

    Stay informed and proactive to do well in the UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024. This is your chance to start a rewarding banking career.

    UCO Bank Apprentice Salary and Recruitment Process

    UCO Bank Apprentice Salary

    UCO Bank offers a great monthly stipend to its apprentices as part of their apprenticeship program. This salary is designed to support and motivate them during their training.

    Monthly Stipend Structure

    Apprentices at UCO Bank get a monthly stipend of ₹15,000. This comes from the Government of India and UCO Bank itself. UCO Bank pays ₹10,500 directly to the apprentice's account each month. The government adds ₹4,500 through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system.

    Apprentices get only this monthly stipend and no other allowances. The ₹15,000 is their total pay during the apprenticeship with UCO Bank.

    Government and Bank Contributions

    The ₹15,000 stipend comes from both UCO Bank and the government. UCO Bank gives ₹10,500 a month to apprentices. The government adds ₹4,500 through DBT.

    This teamwork between the bank and the government gives apprentices a strong financial support during their training.

    The uco bank apprentice salary for freshers is the same for everyone. All apprentices get ₹15,000 a month, no matter their education or experience. This makes the UCO Bank apprenticeship program fair for all.

    UCO Bank Apprentice Vacancy Details

    UCO Bank is looking for 544 apprentices for 2024. These jobs are in many states and union territories across India. This shows the wide range of opportunities for those looking for their first job or fresh out of college.

    State-wise Vacancy Distribution

    West Bengal has the most apprenticeship spots with 85. These spots are split into different groups like SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and UR. Remember, these numbers might change as the bank's needs shift.

    State/UT Total Vacancies SC ST OBC EWS UR
    West Bengal 85 12 8 22 13 30
    Uttar Pradesh 75 11 7 19 12 26
    Maharashtra 60 9 6 16 9 20
    Bihar 50 7 5 13 8 17
    Tamil Nadu 45 7 5 12 7 14

    Other states and union territories also have vacancies. These jobs offer great chances for career growth and benefits at UCO Bank for candidates all over the country.

    UCO Bank Apprentice Eligibility Criteria

    To apply for the UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024, you must be an Indian citizen. You also need to meet certain age and education requirements. This program is perfect for those wanting to start a banking career.

    Educational Qualification

    You need a graduate degree from a university or institute approved by the Government of India. Your degree must be declared by July 1st, 2024, before starting the apprenticeship.

    Age Limits and Relaxations

    Your age should be between 20 and 28 by July 1st, 2024. But, there are age relaxations for certain groups. These include Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), and people with disabilities.

    Meeting these criteria lets you kickstart a promising banking career with the uco bank apprenticeship program. The uco bank apprentice salary per month and the bank's training make this a great choice for young professionals.


    The UCO Bank Apprentice Recruitment 2024 is a great chance for those who want to start in banking. It offers 544 spots across different places, giving a year-long apprenticeship. This lets people learn a lot about the banking world.

    If you're interested in becoming an UCO Bank Apprentice, make sure you meet the requirements. These include your education and age. You can apply through the NATS portal. Don't forget to apply by July 16, 2024.

    Looking to get into uco bank apprentice work, check out the uco bank apprentice job profile, or aim for a good uco bank apprentice salary per month? This is your chance to kickstart your banking career. Join the UCO Bank Apprentice program and start a rewarding journey in finance.

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