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12th BPS Salary Calculator - Accurate Calculation for Salary After 9th Joint Note Signed in Mumbai

Explore the 12th BPS Salary Calculator also known as 12th Bipartite Settlement Salary Calculator for precise and reliable salary calculations.

Accurately estimate your earnings with this user-friendly tool designed for seamless salary calculation. Are you wondering how much your salary will be after the 12th Bipartite Settlement? 

Are you looking for an accurate way to calculate your basic salary? Look no more! In this blog post, we will provide all the information you need about the 12th BPS salary calculator, explain how to calculate your salary, and answer common questions related to this topic.

12th BPS Salary Calculator (New)

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Download Excel Calculator for 12th BPS Arrears Calculator

    What is the Salary of 12th BPS?

    Before we dive into the details of the salary calculator, let's first understand what the salary of 12th BPS means. The 12th Bipartite Settlement is a crucial agreement between bank employee unions and the Indian Banks' Association (IBA). It determines the revision and structure of salaries for bank employees.

    The salary of 12th BPS varies based on a range of factors such as job position, experience, and location. To get an accurate estimate of your salary, it is essential to use a reliable salary calculator. Let's explore how you can calculate your salary using a 12th BPS salary calculator.

    How Much Salary Will Increase After 12th Bipartite Settlement 2023?

    One of the burning questions among bank employees is how much their salaries will increase after the 12th Bipartite Settlement in 2023. The long awaited percentage increment has been finalised now to 17% hike in payslip. The settlement aims to offer fair compensation to bank employees for their contributions and to keep up with inflation and rising living costs.

    For an accurate estimate of how much your salary will increase, you can use the 12th BPS salary calculator. This calculator takes into account the proposed increments and helps you determine your future salary.

    12th BPS Salary Calculator

    Key Points To Note After 12th Bipartite Settlement Approved By Government

    So, post long pending MOU for 12th Bipartite Settlement which was pending from 1st Nov 2022 has been signed now and it's complete implementation will take 180 days as demanded by govt. However the last/ 11th Bipartite settlement was implemented in 90 days itself. It is also expected that the new salary to Bank employees will be processed from May 2024 onwards and arrears calculation and its process may take up to 180 for completing the process.

    The Main Points To Note Here Are-

    • 17% increase in payslip (Overall increment)
    • Load factor of 3%
    • Pension Benefit: Ex-Gratia payment
    • 5 Days woking for Banks
    • All women employees can opt a day sick leave in a month without producing any medical certificate 
    • Stagnation increment which is given after 20 years of services which was 9 increment has been changed to 11 increment and it will be given in every 2 years.
    • This Settlement is done for next 5 years.
    • Designations of bank officials also has been changed as Clerck - Customer Services Associate, Head Cashier - Sr. Customer Services Associate, Peon - Office Assistant, Special Assistant - Special Customer Services Associate.

    How to Calculate Basic Salary?

    Calculating your basic salary is an important step in determining your overall salary. Your basic salary forms the foundation of your paycheck and is usually a fixed amount paid to employees before any additional allowances or deductions.

    To calculate new Basic as peer 12th Bipartite Settlement consider you Basic Pay and DA which was on 31 Oct 2021 and add them and multiple this by 3%. This 3% is called load factor which is approved during the settlement. Now you will get the new Basic by adding Basic + DA + Load Factor.


    1. Basic (25000) + DA (7000) = 32000
    2. 32000 * 3% = 960 (Load Factor).
    3. 32000 + 960 = 32960 is your new Basic Pay.

    Using the 12th BPS salary calculator, you can easily compute your basic salary based on the proposed revisions and factors like allowances and deductions. This calculator simplifies the process and provides an accurate estimate.

    How to Calculate Monthly Salary?

    Calculating your monthly salary involves considering various components such as basic salary, allowances, and deductions. It is crucial to accurately calculate your monthly salary to have a clear understanding of your take-home pay.

    To calculate your monthly salary, follow these steps:

    • Calculate your basic salary using the method explained earlier.
    • Add any applicable allowances to your basic salary.
    • Subtract any deductions from the sum of your basic salary and allowances.

    For instance, if your basic salary is Rs. 40,000, you have Rs. 5,000 in allowances and Rs. 2,000 in deductions, your monthly salary would be Rs. 43,000.

    To simplify the process, you can make use of the 12th BPS salary calculator, which does all the calculations for you. This tool enables you to accurately determine your monthly salary based on the proposed revisions and other relevant factors.

    12th BPS Salary Calculator Near Whitefield Bengaluru, Karnataka

    If you are located near Whitefield in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and need an accurate estimate of your salary under the 12th Bipartite Settlement, you can find a reliable 12th BPS salary calculator near you.

    By using a local salary calculator specific to your area, you can consider factors such as cost of living adjustments and region-specific allowances, providing you with a more accurate and tailored estimate of your salary after the 12th Bipartite Settlement.

    12th BPS Salary Calculator SBI - Simplify Your Calculation

    If you are an employee of the State Bank of India (SBI), you can make use of the 12th BPS salary calculator provided by the bank. SBI has developed its own salary calculator specifically designed to help its employees calculate their salaries accurately and efficiently.

    By using the SBI 12th BPS salary calculator, you can input your details and receive an accurate estimate of your salary after the Bipartite Settlement. This calculator is a valuable resource for SBI employees who want to plan their finances and understand the impact of the settlement on their income.

    12th BPS Salary Calculator India - Calculate Your Salary Efficiently

    For bank employees across India, it is crucial to have access to a reliable salary calculator that caters to their specific needs. The 12th BPS salary calculator designed for India offers a comprehensive solution for accurately calculating salaries based on the Bipartite Settlement.

    By utilizing the 12th BPS salary calculator India, bank employees can effortlessly calculate their salaries, taking into account the proposed revisions, allowances, and deductions. This calculator ensures accurate results and enables employees to plan their finances effectively.

    12th Bipartite Settlement Salary Calculator with 17% Increment

    One of the essential aspects of the 12th Bipartite Settlement is the proposed increment in salaries. The settlement aims to provide bank employees with fair compensation that considers inflation and rising living costs. The exact increment percentage is now finalized to 17% increase.

    To forecast your salary after the settlement with a 17% increment, you can use the 12th Bipartite Settlement salary calculator with a built-in 17% increment feature. This calculator helps you get a clear picture of your future salary and plan your finances accordingly.

    Bank Salary Calculator 12th BPS - Get an Accurate Estimate

    If you are looking for a salary calculator that caters specifically to the banking industry, the bank salary calculator for the 12th BPS is the ideal tool. This calculator is designed to consider the unique components of bank salaries and provides an accurate estimate based on the proposed revisions.

    By utilizing the bank salary calculator for the 12th BPS, you can ensure that your calculations are reliable and take into account the specific factors that affect your salary as a bank employee.

    12th Bipartite Settlement Calculator Excel - Simplify Your Calculations

    For those who prefer utilizing Excel for various calculations, there is a 12th Bipartite Settlement calculator available in Excel format. This calculator provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to input your details and receive accurate results directly in Excel.

    Using the 12th Bipartite Settlement calculator in Excel, you can effortlessly calculate your salary without the need for complex formulas. This tool simplifies the process and enables you to have all your calculations organized in one central location.


    In conclusion, the 12th BPS salary calculator is an invaluable tool for bank employees who want to estimate their salaries accurately. By utilizing this calculator, you can calculate your basic salary, monthly salary, and even factor in proposed revisions and increments.

    Remember to consider location-specific calculators for more tailored results, such as the one near Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Additionally, if you are an SBI employee, make use of the dedicated 12th BPS salary calculator provided by the bank.

    Plan your finances effectively and stay informed about the potential impact of the 12th Bipartite Settlement on your salary. By having a clear understanding of your income, you can make informed financial decisions and ensure better financial stability.


    How does the 12th BPS calculator factor in Dearness Allowance (DA)

    The 12th BPS calculator should use the merged pay concept. This merged pay combines the basic pay with a pre-determined Dearness Allowance (DA), typically representing the average DA for a specific period. The calculator should use this merged pay figure as the base for most allowance calculations, not the basic pay itself.

    Can the 12th BPS calculator provide an exact figure for my net salary?

    The 12th BPS calculator can provide a close estimate of your net salary, but it might not be the exact figure you receive on your payslip. This is because several factors can affect your net salary beyond the basic structure outlined in the 12th BPS. These factors might include: * **Taxes:** Income tax, cess, and other deductions will be applied to your gross salary based on your tax bracket. * **Additional Allowances:** Some banks might offer additional allowances beyond those considered in the basic 12th BPS structure. These can vary depending on the bank and your specific role. * **Deductions:** You might have voluntary deductions from your salary, such as contributions to a provident fund or health insurance.

    Where can I find the most reliable information for using the 12th BPS calculator?

    For the most accurate information on how the 12th BPS applies to your salary, it's best to refer to: * **Official Bank Documents:** Your bank might have published documents or resources outlining their salary structure based on the 12th BPS. This will detail the specific allowances, calculations, and any variations from the base structure. * **Bank HR Department:** They can provide the most up-to-date and specific details on how the 12th BPS is implemented within your bank and how it affects your individual salary.

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