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Beat the Tax Deadline! File Your ITR Online at Just Rs.650 (50% Off) & Save Big with Our Tax Calculator!

Don't miss out! File your ITR online hassle-free for just Rs.650 (50% off) with our expert service. Use our FREE Old vs. New Tax Regime Calculator (2024) to minimize your tax liability. Act Now!

Don't Get Fined! File Your ITR Online Quickly & Easily (Especially Salaried Individuals!)

As of today, April 20, 2024, the clock is ticking for salaried taxpayers! The ITR filing deadline for the financial year 2023-24 (Assessment Year 2024-25) is quickly approaching. Filing your Income Tax Return (ITR) on time is crucial to avoid potential penalties and ensure a smooth tax filing process.

Submit Individual ITR Filing with 50% off at Just Rs. 650/- Only

Missing the personal ITR filing last date can lead to unnecessary stress and financial repercussions. Late filing of ITRs can attract interest charges and even penalties under the Income Tax Act.

Free Income Tax Calculator To Check Your Tax Liability

However, filing your ITR doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the ease of online ITR filing, you can complete the process from the comfort of your home. Whether you're a salaried employee or an individual taxpayer, filing your ITR online offers a convenient and efficient solution.

HRA Exemption Calculator

Demystifying Tax Regimes: Old vs. New & How a Tax Calculator Helps (2024)

Understanding your tax liability is a key step towards efficient ITR filing. This year, you have the option to choose between the Old vs. New Tax Regime. Each regime offers different tax slabs and deductions, impacting the final tax amount you owe.

The Old Tax Regime allows for various deductions and exemptions, such as those for House Rent Allowance (HRA), medical insurance premiums, and travel allowances. However, it comes with a more complex structure with multiple tax slabs.

The New Tax Regime, introduced in recent years, offers a simpler structure with fewer tax slabs. Additionally, it comes with a standard deduction that eliminates the need to claim individual deductions (except for specific exceptions).

Choosing the right regime can significantly impact your tax outgo. Here's where a tax calculator 2024 comes in handy. With our user-friendly online calculator, you can easily compare your tax liability under both the Old and New Tax Regimes.

Simply input your income details, and the calculator will provide a clear breakdown of your tax liability under each regime. This allows you to make an informed decision and select the option that minimizes your tax burden.

Expert Help at an Unbeatable Price: File Your ITR for Just Rs.650 (50% Off)!

With the deadline approaching and tax calculations potentially complex, filing your ITR might feel overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We are offering a limited-time discount of a whopping 50% off on our ITR filing services! That's right, you can now file your ITR for just Rs.600. This exclusive offer applies to ITR filing for 2024 (AY 2024-25).

But why choose us? Here's what sets us apart:

  • Expert Team: Our team comprises experienced professionals with a deep understanding of tax laws and regulations. We don't rely on generic income tax return filing software. We ensure a personalized approach, taking the time to understand your specific tax situation.
  • Hassle-Free Process: Leave the complexities of ITR filing to us. We'll handle the entire process efficiently and accurately, saving you time and stress.
  • Accuracy Guaranteed: We take meticulous care to ensure your ITR is filed accurately and on time. You can rest assured knowing your tax filing is in good hands.

Forget spending hours searching for a "ca near me for ITR filing". Our online service is convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Below we've introduce our free Old vs. New Tax Regime Calculator, a valuable tool to help you minimize your tax liability.

Free Tax Relief: Unveiling Our Old vs. New Tax Regime Calculator (2024)

ITR Filing Last Date 2024

Choosing the right tax regime can significantly impact your final tax payment. But with two different structures to consider, navigating the Old vs. New Tax Regime can be confusing.

That's where our FREE Old vs. New Tax Regime Calculator (2024) comes in! This user-friendly online tool simplifies the process, allowing you to compare your tax liability under both regimes effortlessly.

Here's how it works:

  • Simply access our online calculator through our website.
  • Enter your relevant income details, such as salary, interest income, and any deductions you might be eligible for.
  • The calculator will automatically calculate your tax liability under both the Old and New Tax Regimes.

Within seconds, you'll receive a clear and concise breakdown of your estimated tax outgo under each regime. This empowers you to make an informed decision and select the option that minimizes your tax burden.

There's no need for complex software or manual calculations. Our online calculator is accessible from any device, making it a convenient and time-saving solution.

Don't wait until the last minute! Utilize our free calculator to understand your tax liability better and make the most of the remaining ITR filing deadline.

You have also provided a glimpse into the simplified ITR filing process and guide you towards taking advantage of our discounted ITR filing service.

Demystifying ITR Filing: A Simplified Overview

While we highly recommend taking advantage of our expert services for a smooth and accurate ITR filing experience, here's a simplified overview of the process for those comfortable navigating it themselves:

1. Access the Income Tax e-filing Portal:

Head over to the official Income Tax Department's e-filing portal (https://www.incometax.gov.in/iec/foportal/). This is where you'll initiate the online ITR filing process. You'll need to login using your credentials (PAN number and password) or register if you're a first-time user.

2. Select the Appropriate ITR Form:

Depending on your income sources and tax situation, you'll need to choose the specific ITR form applicable to you. Common forms like ITR-1 (Sahaj) are suitable for salaried individuals with basic income sources.

3. Gather Required Documents:

Ensure you have all the necessary documents readily available before you begin. These typically include your Form 16 (provided by your employer), bank statements, investment proofs, and any other relevant documents depending on your income sources and deductions claimed.

4. Enter Income Details & Upload Documents:

The e-filing portal will guide you through entering your income details, deductions claimed, and uploading scanned copies of your supporting documents. Accuracy is crucial here, as any discrepancies can delay processing.

5. Verify and Submit Your ITR:

Once you've completed all sections, carefully review the information entered for accuracy. Once satisfied, proceed with e-verification of your ITR using options like Aadhaar OTP or bank account details. Finally, submit your ITR electronically.

Remember: Timely filing and accurate information are key for a hassle-free ITR filing experience.

Your guidance to you on how to take advantage of our exclusive offer and streamline your ITR filing process.

Don't Miss Out: Streamline Your ITR Filing Today!

With the deadline looming and tax calculations potentially complex, don't navigate the ITR filing process alone! Here's how you can leverage our resources and exclusive offer:

1. Utilize Our Free Old vs. New Tax Regime Calculator (2024):

Head over to our website and access our user-friendly calculator. Simply enter your income details and year, and the calculator will instantly compare your tax liability under both regimes. This empowers you to make an informed decision and minimize your tax outgo.

2. Take Advantage of Our Discounted ITR Filing Service (50% Off)!

For just Rs.650 (a limited-time discount of 50%), our team of experts will handle your entire ITR filing process. We ensure accuracy, efficiency, and a stress-free experience.

Ready to Get Started?

Visit our website at www.hrcalcy.in to access the free Tax Calculator and learn more about our discounted ITR filing services. For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us through our contact form available on the website, or you can reach us directly at +91- 73530 07277 or mail us to info@kkprservices.com.

Don't delay! File your ITR online quickly and conveniently with our expert assistance. Take advantage of these valuable resources and ensure a smooth and efficient ITR filing experience.

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